Here’s a bunch of my work both personal and professional, newest stuff always at the top!

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  • Kensuke’s Kingdom (Production Assistant)
    In the middle of 2021, I returned to Lupus Films to work as a Production Assistant for the Kensuke’s Kingdom feature film, directed by Neil Boyle and Kirk Hendry.
  • Bob’s Burgers: The Movie (Production Assistant)
    Following completion of production on Pengugee, I was afforded the opportunity to work on on this delicious Feature film.
  • Pengugee
    Pengugee is my Graduation film and later passion project during the Covid Pandemic. It tells the story of a refugee penguin moving in with a middle aged couple from Leeds.
  • XOXO- A Film Made In Isolation
    A short experimental film created in a day. Showing isolation through playing noughts and crosses.
  • No Dogs: Philip McGahern
    Producing, Editing and Acting for a story about false persecution in 1970’s Britain,
  • No Dogs: Delphine Sinclair
    Compositing and animating for a second film in the No Dogs project.
  • KitHub: Avoiding Catastrophe
    A short comedic advertisement/ health and safety PSA made for Middlesex University’s Kithub.
  • The Tiger Who Came To Tea (Colourist)
    In the summer between second and third year of university I had the summer job of a lifetime.
  • Robin Of The Wood
    1164: Robin Hood and his gang of merry men attempt to ruin The Sheriff’s birthday party.
  • A Good Journey
    A group animation produced in a week at University, Mr Pickle (A cucumber) goes to work. Animated using a combination of five different mediums.
  • Eyra VS The Elements (Short Experiment)
    A Small animation project for university being tasked with coming up with a character to brave the elements.

There are more full films available on my Vimeo! including a Poisoning Pigeons Music Video and my First Year film about the time I killed a mouse (by accident).