I’ve learned how to rig in Toonboom Harmony from 1 to 1 Private lessons with experienced rigger and supervisor Vitor Alves. Through these lessons I learned all the fundamentals and some advanced rigging techniques, readying me for the Rigging side of the animation industry. You can download my rig demos below.

Lazlo (Camp Lazlo Cartoon Network Rig – WIP):

A work in progress file for a CN character rig to showcase how I work and keep my files clean and organised, as well as how I keep characters on model! As of 28/05/24 The turnaround is completed, and I’ll be adding more hands and mouths to it over time, as well as master controllers.

Grass Boy (Short FIlm Character):

A completed character rig with many angles on a turnaround, set up and ready to bring in to animate!

Bow & Arrow (Prop Demo):

Completed props rigged with angles for the bow on a turnaround.