No Dogs: Philip McGahern

The No Dogs client project was the most stressful and rewarding project I’ve personally faced at university, but also one where I got to properly exercise a skill I want to apply after university: Producing.

Drawn to the story of an Irishman wrongly persecuted for an act of terrorism in the 1970’s; my team started by drafting ideas for techniques that would reflect Philip’s anxieties and fears, and also be efficient with the meager span of three weeks we had to produce the film. Thus, we landed on our final technique: Live action silhouette projection on to stopmotion models.

The first test projecting onto one of our sets, I played Philip both here and in the final film!

The final setup in a classmate’s house, on top of a mattress on top of a table. Ka Hei Man running past.

While the rest of the group was building, I was working on schedules as well as the team’s shot list once the animatic had been completed. I also created a transcript for the film that we needed early on to storyboard, and edited most of the raw footage for projection.

As the film’s producer, I kept track of what everyone was doing and set them all a deadline, making sure to ask each of them in order to understand just how long a set of this scale and detail should take. In the end we finished more or less a week before the deadline, allowing me time to help out another group with their film.

The final film can be viewed below (Password: Philip1934)