A collection of the weird and wacky smaller things I make.

I went on holiday to Denmark and realised they called all their home grown cucumbers “Dansk Agurk”

What it felt like during the pandemic.

A short animated loop made for the Animorsels Crazy Golf Challenge.


A gif made as part of The Fox and Pigeon Collective, celebrating christmas dinner.

Floppy dog.

A dog chases a gull off a cliff, then tries again, and again…

Hammerhead shark having a bad day at the Office.

A celebratory gif bringing in the 2021 new year!

A gif made for the 2020 Animorsels Advent Calendar Day no. 15

A abstract gif made to advertise a GIF Night I hosted for university.

A gif made in a few hours for my girlfriend’s mother’s birthday. Dogs.

Squid walkcycle bop.

Award Winning looping paint on glass gif by myself and Laura Rueda

There’s a penguin living in my sink.

My latest Self portrait.

A Whiteboard test I animated in 2017. Still feel bad for that Ice Cream.

The site logo, in much better quality.

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